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See also the Pension Rights Center website.
Click here for ex-St. Peter's CEO John Matuska's 2011 letter to the IRS.
Click here for ex-St. Peter's VP of HR Bruce Pardo's 2011 letter to the IRS.
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IRS Comment Letters (obsolete)

(This page has been superseded by a newer version.)

Below are templates for comment letters to the IRS. They should be sent to the IRS address in the header of the letter. Important: Signed letters will likely carry more weight with the IRS, but we don't know for sure that the IRS will protect your identity. Employees are concerned—we think rightly—about reprisals from St. Peter's. If you are an employee, think seriously about submitting an anonymous letter.

Letters that you customize to fit your own circumstances are better. However, we recognize that many people (who are quite skilled in other areas) lack the skills to edit digital documents. We've included an anonymous letter you can download, print, fill in the blanks and send, since any letter is probably better than none at all. Still, we suggest that if you can't customize a template—and can't find someone to help—that a longhand letter along the lines of the template might be better received by the IRS.

Please download the letter template you prefer, and customize it in any way you wish—at the very least, replace the blanks ("____") with your personal info (how long you've worked at SPUH, etc.) The letter must be sent, and preferably received by the IRS, by Friday, January 20.

Here are the download links for the editable letter templates. See below for download instructions.

Signed letter template (RTF format)
Anonymous letter template (RTF format)

Here is the ready-to-print fill-in-the-blanks letter. It is not editable. It opens in and can be printed from any PDF reader, such as Adobe Reader.

Anonymous fill-in-the-blanks (PDF format)

To download a letter template:
  1. Choose the type of letter you wish to write: Signed or Anonymous.
  2. Right-click on the link for your desired template above. In the menu that appears, choose "Save Target As..." (in Internet Explorer), "Save Link As..." (in Firefox or Google Chrome), "Download Linked File As..." (in Safari), or "Save Linked Content As..." (in Opera).
The templates work with the following programs:
  • Microsoft Word for Windows or Mac
  • Microsoft Works
  • WordPad (free with Windows)
  • TextEdit (free with Mac OS X)
  • for Windows, Mac, and Linux