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Friday, December 2, 2011

Church Plan Status

The administration of SPUH needs to answer several questions regarding the conversion to Church Plan status. Is the plan going to be funded in accordance with ERISA funding standards? If not, what funding method will be used? Is there any plan to reduce current benefits? If so, by how much? These are simple yes or no questions.


  1. You only have until January 20,2012 to send your comment letter to the IRS.

  2. Please, everyone should be sending letters/comments to the IRS. If employees are fearful of losing their jobs, they should send anonymous letters. Time is of the essence. The Hosp. is not allowing comments by cancelling meetings. We must have our word heard by the IRS.Our pensions are AT RISK. IS THIS WHAT WE WORKED FOR?

  3. This blog will not be a success, if more people don't join and comment. Saint Peter's has sent their letter to the IRS, Have you?

  4. I know that we have asked for each person to send a letter to the IRS requesting thjat they deny the request of SPUH to create a "Church Plan." I honestly don't know if people know what to say or where to send it. First of all, please tell the IRS that you might be in danger of losing your pensions and that SPUH has not indicated if you will still be covered by ERISA or PBGC insurance. If a church plan is formed, you in fact will not be entitled to any protection.SPUH has been paying those fees since they are still not a "Church plan" so they are required to pay the fees. If in fact they become a "Church Plan" they will receive millions of dollars back from the IRS for fees that they paid since the plan will be effective years ago. The Hospital will make out like "bandits" since they can spend the money on anything that they want (more billboards, decorations, chapels), but don't count on contributions to the Pension plan, because they will not be reuired to do so. The address to send the letter is on the top of the original letter from SPUH telling us the surprising news that they had requested the change. Address: Attn: EP Letter Rulings, P.O. Box 27063,McPherson Station, Washington, DC 20038. Sign it anonymously if you are afraid for your job. Large numbers of letters are important. Tell your friends (old and new)Protect what you have earned, Just think of what you will do WITHOUT your pension.

  5. If you have any questions or comments that you do not want to add to the blog, e-mail me at LKGK7777@AOL.COM (Larry Kaplan)

  6. The Home News and Reuters will publish articles on this issue after January 1st. Congressman Holt's office is also interested. Once these articles are published, we need to make a major push for withdrawal of the application.

  7. Please send the blog address to as many people as possible. Setting up a google account is free and easy to do. We need to make as many people as possible aware of this site.

  8. While I have been aware of the plan to change the pension for a while, I just received the link to this site earlier today, Saturday January 7th. My letter is printed and signed and will go out tomorrow.

    I am a former employee and therefore immune from potential retribution from management. But for those that are still at St. Peter's I expect that many are concerned that speaking out will be held against them.

    Since we can't send this link to current employee's work email addresses, is there anything we can do to contact them, as well as former employees, to indicate the small window available?

    1. Sorry for the delay before your comment was posted!

      It's difficult trying to mass-notify people; we know of no database of current and former employees that exists outside of the hospital. The best methods for notifying employees and retirees would seem to be social, i.e., tell everyone you know to tell everyone they know. We hope that this blog with its short URL address will help. If you use internet social media, for instance Facebook or Twitter, by all means use those, but old-fashioned telephone and email are more direct and more inclined to reach older workers and retirees. Distribution of leaflets around the staff areas of the hospital seems to be working too, but coverage is patchy.


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