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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Last Chance to Send Comment Letters!

Comment letters to the IRS must be sent (and preferably received) by Friday, June 28. If you haven't submitted your letter yet, please do so! Feel free to use our comment letter templates.

1 comment:

  1. I have enclosed supporting documents which do indicate the Hospital as being a Private entity, neither Governed by any religious organization, nor controlled by a “church”.
    1. Saint Peter’s affiliations mainly as a “hospital” not religious organization.
    2. Ronald C. Rak letter to plan participants, he never states “how the plan is a church plan”
    3. 24, Feb 2012 Rak denounces PBGC and promotes the church plan.
    4. 2004 Annual report Form 5500 stating pension is a “single employer plan” AKA SPUH
    5. 2005 Annual report Form 550 “single employer plan” Plan sponsor is SPUH not a church!
    6. 30, May 2007 SPUH Budget request For Saint Peter’s Hospital, a private business!
    7. Indenture DEED dated 14, Jan 1969 showing SPUH buying land, as a “corporation”
    8. 9. 12. John Matuska “former pension trustee for 23 years” and employee for 34 years (letters)
    10. 4. AUG.2010 Ronald Rak letter to employees, NOTE 2nd paragraph reference to the “board of trustees” which definitely is not and has not been the church!
    11. 21.Dec.2011 Bruce Pardo letter to the IRS “former VP of the hospital”
    13. 17.Sep.2007 Name change to Saint Peter’s University Hospital, signed Alfred Glover
    14. Small list of Hospital failures in New Jersey from years 1992 thru 2008
    15. 9.Dec.2011 Letter to IRS from a participant, Leinina Donnelly mentioning East Orange Hospital
    16. “Daniels Group, Inc.” Mr. Daniels is the pension advisor to Ronald Rak, also a Hospital Trustee!
    17. APPLICATION FOR DETERMINATION: 28.FEB.2002 Shows the Hospital did not exist as a “CHURCH PLAN” as of this date. Therefore, prior to this date definitely was NOT a church plan.


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